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Prikaz objav, dodanih na december, 2016

Video: Two Deep Learning algorithms

Online web session (second half of  video, after 32 minutes of intro) Two Deep Learning algorithms beyond Backpropagation
ABSTRACT In this video conference, two new algorithms for learning Feed-Forward Artificial Neural Network are presented. In the introduction, a brief description of the development of the existing algorithms and their flaws are shown. The second part describes the first new algorithm - Bipropagation. The basic idea is given first, followed by a detailed description of the algorithm. In the third part yet another new algorithm is given, called Border Pairs Method. Again is first given a basic idea and then follows a detailed description of the algorithm. In the fourth part, the results and findings of experimental work are presented. In the conclusion, it is found that two described algorithms are fast and reliable - the second one is also constructive. SPEAKER  Bojan PLOJ, PhD
Born    1965 in Maribor, Slovenia, Europe
Thesis   Border Pairs Method for learning of neur…