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Prikaz objav, dodanih na oktober, 2017

A new Deep Learning Algorithm: One-Step Method

We are living in the AI era where progress is faster and faster each and every single day. Here is another one discovery in this field: One Step Method, a new machine learning algorithm which can do many things, amongst other can replace digital circuits with neurons, can find the even better construction of neural network than Border Pairs Method. More you can find in the 3rd chapter of our book: Machine Learning: Advances in Research and Applications from Nova Science Publishers.

This new algorithm is also suitable for Deep Learning in combination with other methods like convolutional learning, bipropagation, border pairs method, autoencoder and others.

Barcelona 2017 (last days before indpendency try)

This September in Barcelona was very interesting. The city alone is beautiful people are very kind. Memory on the terrorist attack on the Rambla was still alive:

Spirit of the oncoming referendum was already present, flags of  Catalunya were everywhere. But The Heartbeat of tourism was not disturbed at all:

A nice dinner in the theatre:

Oh, let's not forget it was a business trip: