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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a relatively young branch of science that stirs the imagination of many. Even movie directors from hollywood are not exceptions. Development in AI area is very fast and there is no indication that this will change soon. I still remember my first contact with learning devices. This happend at the end of the last millennium when I realized neural networks (NN). They have immediately attracted my attention, because such devices were not known till then.

      NN are made along the lines of mammalian brain. During the learning NN extract the essence from the data. After the learning we can ask NN questions. It gives us the right answers even to questions that during learning did not participate.  NN learns autonomously and therefore may exceed the teacher's (poeple's) knowledge. Here are some important achievements of artificial intelligence:

A couple of years ago the computer Deep Blue became the world champion of chess.

In the year 2011 a…
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Three new Deep Learning Algorithms at IBM Developers Unconference 2018

I have been an invited speaker at "IBM developers conference 2018" and at "IBM research lab" which is both located in Zurich (Switzerland, Europe) where I have presented three new Deep Learning Algorithms (click to view).  One of them (Border Pairs Method) has 11 advantages over the famous Backpropagation. The audience was large, the response was good and was followed by a lively debate.

Po poteh nekega algoritma

Ko sem med raziskovanjem za potrebe podiplomskega študija dobil idejo za nov algoritem strojnega učenja, me je prevzel notranji nemir. Zaslutil sem, da sem na sledi pomembnega odkritja in v hipu sem začutil kako se mi po žilah pretaka adrenalin. Pravijo, da je raziskovalna strast lahko večja  celo od tiste hazarderske,  ki je menda zakrivila številne zgodbe iz črne kronike. No, na vso srečo pa raziskovalna strast ni povezana s tako nizkotnimi pobudami kot hazarderska. Ideji algoritma je nato sledil njegov razvoj, ki je trajal več kot leto in je bil prežet s številnimi vzponi in padci. Navidezne težavice so pogosto preraščale v težave, a na srečo se je vedno našla rešitev za njih. V meni sta se tako prepletala dvom in radost, dokler eksperimenti niso potrdili vseh mojih pričakovanj. Takrat so me preplavili prijetni občutki vznesenosti, ki bi jih lahko primerjali z nekakšno zaljubljenostjo. Ko si vznesen si stvarnost slikaš lepšo, kot je v resnici in tako sem naivno pričakoval, da bo s…

A new Deep Learning Algorithm: One-Step Method

We are living in the AI era where progress is faster and faster each and every single day. Here is another one discovery in this field: One Step Method, a new machine learning algorithm which can do many things, amongst other can replace digital circuits with neurons, can find the even better construction of neural network than Border Pairs Method. More you can find in the 3rd chapter of our book: Machine Learning: Advances in Research and Applications from Nova Science Publishers.

This new algorithm is also suitable for Deep Learning in combination with other methods like convolutional learning, bipropagation, border pairs method, autoencoder and others.

Barcelona 2017 (last days before indpendency try)

This September in Barcelona was very interesting. The city alone is beautiful people are very kind. Memory on the terrorist attack on the Rambla was still alive:

Spirit of the oncoming referendum was already present, flags of  Catalunya were everywhere. But The Heartbeat of tourism was not disturbed at all:

A nice dinner in the theatre:

Oh, let's not forget it was a business trip:

Video: Two Deep Learning algorithms

Online web session (second half of  video, after 32 minutes of intro) Two Deep Learning algorithms beyond Backpropagation
ABSTRACT In this video conference, two new algorithms for learning Feed-Forward Artificial Neural Network are presented. In the introduction, a brief description of the development of the existing algorithms and their flaws are shown. The second part describes the first new algorithm - Bipropagation. The basic idea is given first, followed by a detailed description of the algorithm. In the third part yet another new algorithm is given, called Border Pairs Method. Again is first given a basic idea and then follows a detailed description of the algorithm. In the fourth part, the results and findings of experimental work are presented. In the conclusion, it is found that two described algorithms are fast and reliable - the second one is also constructive. SPEAKER  Bojan PLOJ, PhD
Born    1965 in Maribor, Slovenia, Europe
Thesis   Border Pairs Method for learning of neur…

Bipropagation demo in TensorFlow

Bipropagation is a new Deep Learning algorithm. It is much faster and much more reliable than Backpropagation. Here is the demo from the  ResearchGate and GitHub. Inner layers of the Neural Network have not hidden anymore. Learning is done layer by layer with much fewer iterations. Please cite me in your work.

Click the G+button if you like this demo. Any comments are desirable.